Meet Rolo

Meet Rolo

Rolo the Savage

Rolo: Executive Production Supervisor

This is Rolo the Savage, recently promoted to Executive Production Supervisor for his exceptional work performance and dedication.

Yes, he is a Cane Corso! He is currently 4 years old.

Rolo spends time with me in the greenhouse, helps with checking on the plants and supervises while I work. 

He reminds me when it's time for a break for outside walks and meal time! He believes in work life balance and loves to be rewarded with treats. 

When we first started, Rolo would eat the dirt and roots of my plants. Over time, we learned to be gentle with the plants and not make it his mission to water them.

Occasionally, you will spot Rolo in the background of photos on our Instagram and Facebook feeds! Follow us for Rolo sightings. 

Thank you for your support! 

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