Boom, The Vine Plant Shop Was Born!

 How did The Vine Plant Shop come along?

Well, I have had a LOVE for plants for a very long time. My husband gifted me a beautiful white orchid. My sister gifted me a gorgeous Silver Pothos. Once I bought a house, I quickly started collecting more plants. Over time, my living room started looking like a jungle...and I was loving every second of it! Plants calm my mind and make me feel at peace. 

Rolo Napping In By Some Plants

(Image of Rolo napping next to some of my living room plants)

We originally started as Almondretto & Almondretto's Greenhouse. I knew that wasn't going to be our forever-name. Eventually, we fell in love with out new name: The Vine Plant Shop. 

The rest is history.  


 Thank you for supporting my small business. I means the world to me that I am able to share my love of plants with others. 


Let's be friends.